Google Launches Free Tool To Let You Run Your Own Online Courses | Edudemic

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Posted by Jeff Dunn

"Sensing the excitement from online education tools like edX, Google has just unveiled a (very beta) version of its own course building software. If you’ve ever wanted to run your own online courses, this might be worth your time.

"Google’s new Course Builder software comes on the heels of a massively popular online Google class ‘Power Searching With Google‘ hosted by Google’s Director of Research, Peter Norvig.

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Once my iBook is uploaded, how long before it appears in iTunes?

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Some interesting “war stories” on long wait times for iBooks to show up for sale.

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My first Infographic: Writing, Publishing & Promoting your Blog Post

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Infographic provides concise, at-a-glance steps for better blogging.

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7 Tips for Transforming your Twitter Feed to an Engaging Conversation | Meridian Interactive

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Here are 7 tips for transforming your twitter feed into an engaging conversation that your followers can appreciate…

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Disco Lights in Paris. 

How To Price Your Product Or Service 2

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Pricing can be a bear. Too high and you don’t sell enough and make the wrong impression. Too low and you don’t make enough and make the wrong impression. One of the most popular ScentTrail Marketing posts was how to price a product or serive. This is the follow up to that post (with a link to the orginal).

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The 2 Big Trends of 2012: Curation + Visuals

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Looking at amazing photographs from my friend Jesus Hernadez today ( ) I was thinking about how to combine great visuals and marketing. I went searching for examples and found this excellent article from another friend, Liz Wilson, that is so prescient, so right.

Curation + the visualization of everything is indeed the dominate marketing trend in 2012. Liz outlines the challenge clearly:

So now the question is how to bring curation and visual content together in ways that attract your target audience and achieve your measurable goals.

Great resource materials and a well thought out argument from Liz in this piece.

Be sure to follow Liz LizWilson2 on Twitter and on

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Design Weblog For Designers 15 Free #WordPress #Themes For #Bloggers

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Picking a theme is always a big decision for any Wordpress blogger. This article features 15 free wordpress themes for bloggers.

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5 Companies With Inbound Marketing Strategies That Work

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The following five companies have each hit upon an inbound strategy that works. Here’s how.

David Klein picks some interesting companies who appear to be doing inbound marketing well - creating good content, nurturing followers, winning subscribers. 

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4 Tips for Increasing Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

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How to use Pinterest to get more blog traffic: Find out how to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website with Pinterest.

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The Marketing Tactic that Social Media Marketers Often Forget …

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Pinterest is a popular paranoia, Instagram is indecently addictive and Facebook is so big you cannot ignore it. Social media is the hot business marketing trend. It is discussed at coffee shops, dinner parties and countless …

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What are you sharing online? This infographic shows what everyone else is doing.

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How to Hire a Rock Star Copywriter for Electrifying Results

Hire a Copywriter for Web Marketing Copywriting

For many small businesses and entrepreneurs, the need to hire a copywriter is a daunting task. You may want a “rock star” copywriter, but don’t want to make an *electrifying* mistake.

So, how do you select an *awesome* online copywriter who’ll be effective at helping market your products or services? Try these steps …

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Delight in life!

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4 Content Curation Tools for Faster News Discovery

Content Curation ToolsAre you curating content? It’s a wonderful alternative to blogging, and it’s a fairly simple process, too…

I emphasize fairly because content curation involves publishing a best-in-class roundup of blog posts, videos, etc. — the true gems pertaining to your topic. But if what you share isn’t consistently top-notch, you can’t build a following. The leadership halo you seek for your brand won’t happen.

The good news: There are ways to conquer the challenge of discovering great, new content. And it doesn’t involve wading through Google or the usual social media search boxes…

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