Going Meta: Content Curation Techniques in Action by Robin Good

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Here is a great example of how Robin Good Curates.  He noticed this video that Howard Rheingold has spotted.  Howard was curating it because of the focus on concept maps and creating insights.    Howard wrote:

(Video) Concept mapping with a group can be a powerful exercise in augmenting collective intelligence — Howard


"An animated presentation about concept mapping. Focuses on how groups can employ the technique as a tool for collaborative planning and problem solving".

Now, go look at how Robin curated this video.  He did NOT just do a re-scoop.

Here’s what he did:

1.)  Viewed the video to see how it relates to his scoop.it on curation and indicated the exact part of the five-minute video that explains content curation

2)  He retitled his scoop to support his point - that the making information into knowledge is what the curator does.

3)  He thanked the curator who originally found the clip - gave attribution to the person selected it.





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